What Spirituality Means To Me

From the second chapter titled – Experiences From A Direct Relationship With God – under the heading – About Spirituality

“…I refer to the relationship I have with God as Spirituality because that word works best for me. This book then is about Spirituality in the context of a person having a direct, private, stand alone, and purely personal spiritual relationship with God, communicating with God without influence (as much as possible) from other persons, entities, or belief systems, and the profound effect it has on a person’s life. My use of the word Spirituality is not at all about anything to do with any existing religion or religious concepts, and not at all about New Age concepts. Nothing against Religion, New Age, or existing writings on Spirituality. It’s just that, to me, my experiences and impressions that I write about are very different from anything I’ve read or experienced in any of those systems.

I have read a number of writings that discuss “the difference between Spirituality and Religion”. This book is about the quiet peace that opens the way for, and about an aware and direct relationship with, God. It is not at all about any such differences, as I believe that would only be more struggle and detrimental drama…”

…excerpt from the book “Ancient Spirituality: A Direct Personal Relationship With God”

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