About Heaven And Hell

…”As far as I can tell there is no Heaven as I have understood it through religions. It is clear to me that there is a realm where our souls return to when we leave this physical life, but it is nothing like any description of Heaven that I have been exposed to. It is also apparently not fully possible to understand that realm while we are in our physical lives since, as far as I know, we cannot experience the realm on the other side of the thin wispy veil separating the physical world.
Also, far as I can tell, there is no Hell and no entity like a Satan. There certainly is evil in the world but not caused by an entity like a Satan. As much as we would like to blame evil on some external force, it comes from within us and is caused by persons, individually and collectively, not acting in their own personal best interest – to an extreme”…”If we want to do something about the “evil” acts being carried out in the world we are going to have to own up to our own “evil” acts, whatever they may be, and personally take responsibility for them, and diligently hold others responsible for their “evil” acts”…

From MartinR’s book titled Ancient Spirituality – A Direct Personal Relationship With God, second chapter, heading About Heaven And Hell.

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